Floor failure

Sitting peacefully with CS on my window step, 59th floor Moshe Aviv tower. Then, CRRRRAP, and the sheet collapses 3 cm under my butt , leaving a funny hole in what seemed like bulletproof concrete. Opening a ticket to the skycraper's support HQ...

This morning a puzzled serviceman shows up. Staring at the hole for a few seconds, then he finally speaks up.

Serviceguy: "Ok... But what can I do here?"
Me: [ROFLing all inside] "I believe you should have some upper wisdom comittee that would know.."

[Manuel, VM IT support: "the correct answer would be, 'at worst you can replace the whole building' "]

Service guy, after a pause still confused: "well, here it would take work..."
Me: "...ok, sounds perfectly logical" (Actually, what he really wanted to say is that the whole sheet needs to be replaced)

Service guy: "My Boss, " he continues, still confused after another pause, "asked me to come up and look what happened here..... So I looked..."

[Oshri, later: I should really open a business, We look at your problems. "What is that you have? Water pipe leak? Sababa! That was $20.."]

Service guy: "we'll have to replace the whole plaster sheet"
Me: "this is obviously not a plaster sheet, have a look..."
Service guy breaks the piece in two and leaves.

Looking forward for what tomorrow brings..


VisionMap: How would you name a NIH source control system?

Q: Need a version control solution for large datasets, that cannot be stored in a source control repository. Coming up with a manual version handling solution and procedures to ensure correspondence to source revisions in Subversion. How do you name the server?

A: Perversion.



My first comic ever: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4154086&l=316214b9df&id=501102619

Need help maybe to submit to xkcd?

1. "Hey, I need a driver for my device, but kernel mode development sucks.."
"...wrap some existing driver..."

2. Someone on electric chair, being plugged in

3. Comp: "Found new hardware... Human Interface Device"

(Inspired by LabJack U12. Credits: Me, Leonid, Oshri, Elad)