Carpaccio is the best food in the world. It is only two-dimensional so you can eat as much as you want.

On the other hand, also because of being 2D, so you can make infinite carpaccio from just one cow!


Recl'd 2001: Mathematicians at sunrise

My bro's company of math students in Tel Aviv, among them DG, MP, BG, others, heavy drinking to celebrate birthday of one of the buddies. As drinking continues and the clock arrows reach unreasonable angles, one of them suggests:

"Let's go to the sea and watch the sunrise!"

And so they went. No, this was was not in US Eastern Coast. It was on a beautiful sandy beach in Tel Aviv, famous for the Mediterranean sunsets that were imprinted in everyone's memories.

[Recently confirmed true by MP]

P.S. This story nearly killed someone dead from laughing suffocation in 2003 (it was a physics student from the APhO2003 team).


Managing the beer cycle

This is my new google spreadsheet:
  • Person's name
  • Closeness (expected beer period, in days)
  • Formula: Priority = (Now()-LastBeerTime)/Closeness
Now, this is sorted by priority, and when there's a free evening, scheduling an evening beer with the top (or editing frequencies).

Not everybody is there yet, but be warned.