98% Chimp?

Before arguing about what does this mean, whether 2% difference in 1.2-gygabyte DNA (an entirely digital code) is significant, let me ask you this:

What minimum number of bits msword.exe must be changed to turn it into Microsoft Outlook?

Or even better, how much of VisionMap's airborne software has to be changed to turn it into a processing cluster?

Probably not more than 2%. Most of the binary image will be libraries. Most of them unused and will be present just because they exist. The used parts Concepts of string, spell checkers, window docking and toolbar infrastructure...


Back from a trip

Heavy rain, tough and somewhat dangerous crossing of water-filled streams in the north.

AS: "Hey guys, look at the map. The trail finally continues on the same side of the stream as we are now!"
P: "Aur, what's your favorite even number?"



"Roses may sometimes be red, but violets are indeed violet"



Me: "there's surely a genetic compound to gayship"
CS "no way. it would evolve out"
me: "so would headache"
CS: "pavel, let me tell you something. They did not have a headache!"

(BTW: "What women want" is a great movie)