Story from YL. She was describing the free fall experience, reaching the terminal velocity, etc to her friends.

Someone_1: "well, falling at ten meters per square second, ..."
Someone_2: "nine point eight!"
Someone_3: "yeah, but it feels like ten!"

P.S. Skydiving is fun and recommended for all. Now my number of landings is less than number of take-offs, and I am not even on the plane. I am used to heights as in flying in small airplanes, helicopters and even a hot air baloon - but - every time it was connected with some kind of violence, engine noise, or fires from hell on the baloon. After opening the parachute and stabilizing at near-zero speed, it is completely different. You don't feel any wind, because you move with the wind. Decent speed is slow as hell. You hear your every breath and movement. You are not cold, coz you have no wind. All your feelings are back to normal, as if you are sitting and drinking coffee. All but one. What you see around you is totally unreal. The first thought - "is it just a pixar movie or really a dream?"

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