Floor failure

Sitting peacefully with CS on my window step, 59th floor Moshe Aviv tower. Then, CRRRRAP, and the sheet collapses 3 cm under my butt , leaving a funny hole in what seemed like bulletproof concrete. Opening a ticket to the skycraper's support HQ...

This morning a puzzled serviceman shows up. Staring at the hole for a few seconds, then he finally speaks up.

Serviceguy: "Ok... But what can I do here?"
Me: [ROFLing all inside] "I believe you should have some upper wisdom comittee that would know.."

[Manuel, VM IT support: "the correct answer would be, 'at worst you can replace the whole building' "]

Service guy, after a pause still confused: "well, here it would take work..."
Me: "...ok, sounds perfectly logical" (Actually, what he really wanted to say is that the whole sheet needs to be replaced)

Service guy: "My Boss, " he continues, still confused after another pause, "asked me to come up and look what happened here..... So I looked..."

[Oshri, later: I should really open a business, We look at your problems. "What is that you have? Water pipe leak? Sababa! That was $20.."]

Service guy: "we'll have to replace the whole plaster sheet"
Me: "this is obviously not a plaster sheet, have a look..."
Service guy breaks the piece in two and leaves.

Looking forward for what tomorrow brings..


VisionMap: How would you name a NIH source control system?

Q: Need a version control solution for large datasets, that cannot be stored in a source control repository. Coming up with a manual version handling solution and procedures to ensure correspondence to source revisions in Subversion. How do you name the server?

A: Perversion.



My first comic ever: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4154086&l=316214b9df&id=501102619

Need help maybe to submit to xkcd?

1. "Hey, I need a driver for my device, but kernel mode development sucks.."
"...wrap some existing driver..."

2. Someone on electric chair, being plugged in

3. Comp: "Found new hardware... Human Interface Device"

(Inspired by LabJack U12. Credits: Me, Leonid, Oshri, Elad)



Carpaccio is the best food in the world. It is only two-dimensional so you can eat as much as you want.

On the other hand, also because of being 2D, so you can make infinite carpaccio from just one cow!


Recl'd 2001: Mathematicians at sunrise

My bro's company of math students in Tel Aviv, among them DG, MP, BG, others, heavy drinking to celebrate birthday of one of the buddies. As drinking continues and the clock arrows reach unreasonable angles, one of them suggests:

"Let's go to the sea and watch the sunrise!"

And so they went. No, this was was not in US Eastern Coast. It was on a beautiful sandy beach in Tel Aviv, famous for the Mediterranean sunsets that were imprinted in everyone's memories.

[Recently confirmed true by MP]

P.S. This story nearly killed someone dead from laughing suffocation in 2003 (it was a physics student from the APhO2003 team).


Managing the beer cycle

This is my new google spreadsheet:
  • Person's name
  • Closeness (expected beer period, in days)
  • Formula: Priority = (Now()-LastBeerTime)/Closeness
Now, this is sorted by priority, and when there's a free evening, scheduling an evening beer with the top (or editing frequencies).

Not everybody is there yet, but be warned.


Landing time

My mother calling Oshri for a ladies chat - when I was about to return from NZ:

Mom: "What's [his] landing flight ID and time?"
Oshri: "He didn't say..."
Mom: "He told me you will know everthing"
Oshri: "Yeah, he likes pointers..."
Mom: LOL (she knows I like pointers).



Story from YL. She was describing the free fall experience, reaching the terminal velocity, etc to her friends.

Someone_1: "well, falling at ten meters per square second, ..."
Someone_2: "nine point eight!"
Someone_3: "yeah, but it feels like ten!"

P.S. Skydiving is fun and recommended for all. Now my number of landings is less than number of take-offs, and I am not even on the plane. I am used to heights as in flying in small airplanes, helicopters and even a hot air baloon - but - every time it was connected with some kind of violence, engine noise, or fires from hell on the baloon. After opening the parachute and stabilizing at near-zero speed, it is completely different. You don't feel any wind, because you move with the wind. Decent speed is slow as hell. You hear your every breath and movement. You are not cold, coz you have no wind. All your feelings are back to normal, as if you are sitting and drinking coffee. All but one. What you see around you is totally unreal. The first thought - "is it just a pixar movie or really a dream?"


98% Chimp?

Before arguing about what does this mean, whether 2% difference in 1.2-gygabyte DNA (an entirely digital code) is significant, let me ask you this:

What minimum number of bits msword.exe must be changed to turn it into Microsoft Outlook?

Or even better, how much of VisionMap's airborne software has to be changed to turn it into a processing cluster?

Probably not more than 2%. Most of the binary image will be libraries. Most of them unused and will be present just because they exist. The used parts Concepts of string, spell checkers, window docking and toolbar infrastructure...


Back from a trip

Heavy rain, tough and somewhat dangerous crossing of water-filled streams in the north.

AS: "Hey guys, look at the map. The trail finally continues on the same side of the stream as we are now!"
P: "Aur, what's your favorite even number?"



"Roses may sometimes be red, but violets are indeed violet"



Me: "there's surely a genetic compound to gayship"
CS "no way. it would evolve out"
me: "so would headache"
CS: "pavel, let me tell you something. They did not have a headache!"

(BTW: "What women want" is a great movie)