Heart of gold

For the second time, we made a contest of funny stories and performance on the company bus trips. Yesterday was not an exclusion, yielding another whole bunch of stories from one day.

NK's story about a bar mitzva party. The kid's parents were new immigrants from USA, and what they tried to say was this: "He has a Golden heart with the capital G".

Alas, no capital letters in the Hebrew alphabet, so here's what they got:
"yesh lo lev zahav im zayin gadol"


[Rcl'd] Self-sacrifice

A BBQ party, with AK and other good people. At the end, I was in charge of the fire-extinguishing job. I stepping on the burning ashes, and got a remark from AF: "hey Pavel, what a self-sacrifice.." then he corrected himself - "..sacrifice of the shoe"

This is a story of a great coincidence. Later that night I was reading "mostly harmless". Well, guess any more words are useless - either you are already laughing or I don't want to spoil it.

Ford Prefect rescued himself "by means of self-sacrifice". In that case, he threw half of the pair of shoes (which maks one shoe) while hanging on a weather baloon - to divert a vogon rocket that was fired at him.

When asked how does it make a self-sacrifice, he replied 'Because they were mine!'. In this new terminology - a regular, plain sacrifice is when you sacrifice something that belongs to someone else. Quoting King of the far far away from Shrek: 'Some of You Will Die, that's a Sacrifice I'm Willing to Make'


Happy Birthday :)

Last september I got a milluim-smelling envelope from the gaza division. "uh oh" I thought to myself. Jap knife, open, "happy new (jewish) year!" says the letter. whaah, thinks pavel.

Just a few days later I get another envelope - same size same color. OKAy, *NOW* it's reserve service call, thinks pavel. "Happy Birthday!!!" says the letter.

And the birthday was happy.


One-time key

"Never store your PIN number near your credit card" says your credit card company. AL has a better idea. When he gets a CC, he writes down in a think black permanent marker, right on the credit card.. the XOR of this PIN and other number which he never tells anybody.

This way, he can always recover the PIN if it is forgotten, and whoever steals the card will immediately be locked as he will try to enter the XOR.

All this is great, of course, and at last there's a service to help you. You just enter your life's master password, and neither it nor the generated per-website passwords will ever be sent to their server.