Standards - who needs them?!

I got a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise from my bank. Following request to reset my password, a bank computer called me and spelled the new password to me... in the standard phonetic alphabet!! "b like bravo, s like sierra, etc.." I just couldn't believe my ears.

This was Mercantile bank, Israel just in case you want to switch.

And please, drive on the right hand side next time. And use boost, firefox and metric units. Thank you very much.

Joke #17

Everybody knows it. It's about a bunch of closefriends who, blah blah, oh well, ok, I will type it. They know each other for sufficiently long to tell the same jokes every time. So they numbered them, so that one could say "Joke 17" instead of the whole thing.

Next time, if you want to escape being told a joke you know, say "yes, joke #17". 17 is both the number of this joke and a random joke, for being the most random number.

Joke 17.1 is about one who laughs "oh, I haven't heard this before" and joke 17.2 is when one shouts "joke #800!" and gets a reply "shhh, why tell such rude stuff near women."

So, the time has come to build a global database. Please start by commenting to this post. The title should be a unique ID.