Two more real-life "state puzzles"

[please suggest term for "state puzzle"]

1. DD is working at VisionMap. Every day at noon, he walks to his wife's work to get the car.
(Technically, they have one car, but instead of sharing it on a day-by-day basis, each of them holds it for half a day). Nurit answered immediately, but I would have no chance.

2. VZ, came to his base after the basic training. He was sent to join a car that was going to Ramallah, with three guys. One, knew the road. Two others were the drivers. What was Vadim's job on the mission?

----- SOLUTIONS ------
1. one had to put kids in kg, and the other to pick them up.
2. the navigator had to stay at the destination. VZ's goal was to remember the road and navigate the stupid drivers back.


SurDin said...

1. I didn't get. I thought about something in the way of free parking.

2. was obvious, though I though that one driver was staying with the navigator, otherwise i don't see why they need 2 drivers, and that he needs a melave.

Dan said...

actually, I drive there to leave her the car and walk back to VisionMap.