Never eat a dog

ILPhO Summer Camp 2009 is in progress - and as usual, with its own stories. This time I was contacted by a kid with food problems - which made me think about it for a while. Some people like food, and some choose to eat food's food [Credit for this wisdom to SB, TY and myself].

The conclusion is to classify vegetarians to 3.5 types:
Type A: those who wouldn't eat animals for moral reasons
Type B: those who wouldn't use any product of animal labor, like eggs or milk, due to some much more sophisticated kind of compassion.
Type C, Introducing the next stage: people who love animals so much, that they would let themselves be eaten.

Well, of course, there are also these guys who are vegetarian not for loving animals, but because they severely despise plants.

Squark practices not eating only mammals for being too advanced, while YL07 suggested this morale: "Don't eat an animal that one can be playing with."

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