VM - Ichthyophobia

Some people don't eat fish. When asked why, HB asked us if there's a medical term for hysterical fear of fish. Two guessed "Ichthyophobia", and later this was discovered to be true.

Then the discussion went into a direction of possible strange phobias and treatments by exposing one to the subject of his fears. Bungee jumping for acrophobics, etc. Someone said it should be done gradually - "First, you are given something small, like a piece of tuna. Later in the course, you advance to a bigger salmon, and so on" P:"and on the final test, you are eaten by a big shark!"

On another occasion, it was a design meeting. "Is this thing a tree?" someone asked. "No, it's a DAG". "What's dag?" Someone: "A directed Acyclic Graph". AL: "In hebrew it's called 'fish' "

(Then it was developed further, 'okay, where does this DAG piss from', 'where is the fish burried', etc)

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Yura said...

I don't know whether it classifies as a phobia, but I didn't eat fish until a couple of years ago. I had "a feeling" it isn't tasty. Then I started to eat tuna, without knowing it was fish (somebody, probably my sister convinced me it was not). Now I am OK with all kinds of fish. And I would rather skip the ultimate test.

Also I was scared to eat some strange things in Vietnam (like the small octopuses), but then Mitja managed to convince me that if you close your eyes, every meat becomes chicken meat.