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DISCLAIMER: the following post contains dirty language, disinformation and some right-wing propaganda. Therefore, it's not recommended for children, adults, aliens and others. Please close the window now.

Good news everyone! At last, the western pole was discovered - under the supervision of prof. Yuli Tamir, or our education minister. The pic is from certificates received by students on a special party dedicated to those who brought home some prizes from the international science olympiads.

Example of a certificate brought by a member of the physics team.

AA: "What's the problem? That signifies the freedom of choice for a coordinate system - an important symmetry"

Some comments were more emotional. KL: "Ой, у них глобус раком :)))".

She gave an 'average temperature over the hospital' kind of speech, too. When I asked people what's wrong with the certificate image, some said that it's the fact YT is our edu minister. Others pointed out the flip between first and the last name. Some said that it's the professorship (Was that philosophy?).

*Credit to YB for 'the western pole' term

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