I joined the Pi day celebrations on 3-14 at AO's place. Obviously, this should have been 6-28 instead, because the important constant is 2pi. Who cares about diameters - the period of imaginary exponent is, of course, much more fundamental. This way it will also join the club of Physical Constants Starting With 6 (like G=6.67e-11N*m^2/kg^2, h=6.626e-34Js, ...).

DC: "Well, before you interfere in My domain, please take a moment to fix the sign of electric current."

(In fact, mathematically, chances for a real physical constant or value with arbitrary units start with 6 is not the same as to start with any other digit. For 1 it's much higher and for 9 it's much lower. It's easy to understand that. The constant's log is what should be uniformly distributed).

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