Google calculator

Google calculator query of the day [rus]: 1 python in parrots.

To summarize all googlecalc capabilities known to me (if you don't know what's google calculator, try searching for 4*5 on google):

1. sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2)^sqrt(2) (can be continued)
2. G*(mass of the earth)/(radius of the earth)^2
warning: small g is gram, not earth gravity field
3. (answer to life, the universe and everything)/6
4. c in furlong per fortnight
5. 5J in calories, 6500 USD in ILS, 1 MeV in Joules
7. Complex numbers: sqrt(-4), i^i, e^(2*pi*i)
8. Functions: sin(17), ln(-8)
9. 9!, or even 0.5! (!!!) (well, i! too)
10. Data units: 1Mb in bytes , 1GB in bytes, 1GB/128kbps in days

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artyom said...

38 parrots LOL

This is really fun :)

Didn't know google knows things like this