Surely you are joking..

I am frequently being asked why is the blog's name so strange and how does it relate to the Feynman's infamous book. Some time before starting, at last, with the crazy idea to serialize some of the everyday funny stories into UTF-8, I came across a stupid and severely buggy and dysfunctional program, sent to me by my accountant/bookkeeper to print out 'tlushei maskoret'. According to the bookkeeper, MC, the app was very special - it was supposed to let me print a document but not copy it. Strange. During the installation, it displayed a large splash screen "Thank you for installing [Your application name here]".

The rest of the app was not less wonderful.

More about the title. I was talking to a high-school-time friend of mine, YoavM, whom I met again at TAU physics faculty after our 3-year service in the army. He asked me what I managed to do while serving, and I said that one of the useful things I did was reading the whole of Feynman's book. He asked me "oh, you also read surely you are joking". I said "no, actually I haven't. I read Feynman's lectures on physics". He replied, in English, "surely you are joking..."

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mg said...

Congratulations on reading The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Not many people make it through all three volumes. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I. In case you think you noticed some mistakes in the books, you might like to know there are some! About 280 have been corrected in the latest printing of the Definitive Edition, and about 400 more remain to be corrected. (Most of these are minor - typos, sign errors, and such - not many errors in physics, but a few.) You can find lists of errata posted at The Feynman Lectures Website, www.feynmanlectures.info, where there is also a small collection of elementary physics problems, and numerous links to Feynman- and physics- related sites. - enjoy! mg@feynmanlectures.info