Use the force, Luke!

At last, I've solved all my keyboard needs and problems. I bought another three DASes and now I have them on all computers that I use frequently.

When I was a kid, I've been searching for a blank keyboard to buy and it appeared to be not an easy task, so I tried to wipe out signs off an existing keyboard, but the result somehow failed to please. And of course, it's not only the point that it's blank. The point is that it's just a very good keyboard. It's a little too noisy, but not as noisy as the old IBM PS/2 keyboards. Some people say it's also less good than the old PS/2.

So, no more wrong-insert-delete-block or function keys grouped by 5 (I wonder how stupid one has to be to design a keyboard with wrong layout though, like some keyboards which are found today in stores with these features). And, it's also cool. You can get one here - http://www.daskeyboard.com/ , to prevent some of your friends from impersonating your logins.

P.S. A month later, our sysadmin (who couldn't type blind) approached saying that those who use Das Keyboard should also have a Der Monitor, and turned my monitor off.


artyom said...

What can I say

чем бы дитя не тешилось, лишь бы не плакало

No offend, but it is just think it is wasing money...

For 90$=400₪ you can buy a very good keyboard.

You want type fast, don't look on the keyboard ;)

More then that it is not different from any other keyboard, maybe much more noisy.

I've recently bought a keybort for 80₪ that is very comfortable, and it very silent.

Ahhh, by the way, your keyboard is a good method for preventing people touch your PC...

artyom said...

Ahh one more.

There is an interesting text on their site:

"Das Keyboard has a Windows menu key that also works under Linux"

It is like to say:

"May pen was designed by English speakers, but Jews can also use it"