Recycled: Know your universe

(An old story reported by DimaG, years later confirmed by MichaelP)

A group of mathematicians (from my bro's company) were celebrating a birthday of one of them. Then, after severely long drinking it got very late (aka early). Consequently a suggestion was raised "to go watch the sunrise at the sea". [End of story]

Yes, that was in Tel Aviv. It was later confirmed by MP that the plan was indeed carried out. For the readers who don't yet know what kind of a world they are living in - it weights about 6e24kg and is about 13Mm wide. Tel Avis is in the east part of the Mediterranean, enjoying lots of beautiful sunsets daily.

I guess their act was not because they didn't know, but just a combination of late night thinking and extended drinking. One day, on the plane back from Thailand, one of the APhO2003 members caused me fear for his life due to suffocation danger from laughing from this story. (I was asked to tell without thinking where would the sun rise now, and after a correct answer I had to tell him this legend.)

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