Getting started

A few years ago I noticed that nearly every day something unusual, funny or fantastic in any other way happens to me. I thought making a blog out of this could be an interesting idea, but then I would have first to collect enough written stuff before going online, and that just never worked out.
I've been always thinking "if I had a personal blog, I would have published this".

At Visionmap, I was taught that everything told more than once should have instead been written, and yesterday I was finally broken. I know almost for sure that I won't have any time to maintain it, but maybe it's a catalyst for some stuff to get out for my friends' amusement.


artyom said...

Few things about "blogspot" that I do not like (and probably some others) that I'd suggest you to consider

1. Very few options for editing comments - no "blockquote" tag that is very important - only "b","i" and "a" html tags.
2. It does not remember my name when I post a comment (each time I need to enter them)
3. It does not remember comments that were approved - so each time someone respond you need to moderate it. So there is no true "live" discussions can be there between people that you know and that allready posted comments before.
4. Editing comments is not friendly - you do not do it on the original post, but inside some other site

So - leaving comments not so friendly.

WP Rulez... :)

Pavel Radzivilovsky said...

Well, can I forward this to google? :)

And - is getting spammed really a major issue here? Do you think I should enable live comments?

artyom said...

And - is getting spammed really a major issue here?

Yes, spam is a major problem. I don't know how google deals with spamming. But WP does it in following way:

1. Anyone who wants to publish a comment writes his name, e-mail (closed) and site (optional). So once, it is approved, it will be automatically posted, next time he wants to post a comment.
2. Newcomers messages are moderated (wait for approvement).

In case of too mach spam that you need to moderate (DDoS attack) you can do following (in WP):

- Addons that check messages with DB
- Javascript addon that runs a simple script (usually spammers do not run scripts).